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How high-end appliances consumer era hit excitement

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  Nowadays, the standard definition of the goddess constantly undergoing change, some time ago, "backhand touch navel" identified as the best standard thin, but now appears "A4 waist", and not a little bit defensive occupied trending headlines, this so that more small fat fragile heart has been severely hit. Xiao Bian can only sigh in your town who will really play in this thin era in power, regardless of which standard appraisal wonderful figure will appear quickly became the focus of national concern, and as a new age of consumerism today, high-end appliances should how to hit consumers in the excitement of it?
  With the era of intelligent home industry forward towards the same time, many appliance brands toward high-end appliances and light luxury product direction every step. In the last week just ended AWE2016, high-end appliances and appliances Tyrant Party constitute the magnificent touch of beautiful scenery. Major brands are trying to launch their most advanced products and innovative technology to consumers is an unprecedented visual impact and a great experience to get started. At the same time, it also brings new thinking for the home appliance industry, with the gradual rise of the middle class economy, high-end consumer demand and gradually expand, more and more people choose high-quality products at the same time willing to pay for it. In such a market situation, home appliance brand makers should grasp the pulse of the market on how the new generation of consumers to stimulate consumer excitement it?
  Quality is still the first tips
  Force high-end products has become an important development direction of many household electrical appliance enterprises in 2016. In reality, however, many traditional businesses face a transition period of transformation in this industry is still very confused everywhere flooded with high-end luxury marketing gimmick is difficult to settle down to produce a sense of high quality products answer. This is the current situation in China, but also many household electrical appliance enterprises should think about.
  No matter what age, quality problems as the first key to enduring products. "Poor quality" say is the truth, wherever high-quality appliances are sought after by consumers and loved, even high-end appliances are no exception.
  For example: For TV brands, TV quality of life, and one of the important performance of its product quality, if blindly television brand packaging, but failed to depart from the performance of the product is also advertised a variety of flashy products to defraud the trust of consumers, which is not responsible for the brand's performance. Of course, many high-end products as the main appliance brand, but also to effectively make a big fuss in terms of quality and product innovation, enabling consumers to experience the unique product experience, which will achieve the purpose of high-end properties. In the impetuous innovation environment, which can rely on the quality of high-end brand to become the industry pacesetter counter-attack, which has become the majority of consumers have common expectations.
  User needs can not be ignored
  According to Ministry of Commerce data show that in 2015 China's total retail sales of social consumer goods reached 30.1 trillion yuan, an increase of 10.7%, and the social and economic contribution to the growth rate of consumption reached 66.4%, compared with 2014 increase by 15.4 percentage points. While escalating consumption structure, according to the latest World Wealth Report shows that the number of China's middle class has reached 109 million, becoming the highest in the world in the next decade, the world's 1 billion consumers will enter the middle class, in which 30% -40% China. Thus, China is undergoing a remarkable consumption upgrade, a focus is how to meet the needs of the middle class consumer countries supply side reforms. In this era of consumer demand for major upgrade, the user needs assessment as an important standard product sales, the major high-end brands can not be ignored.
  Meet the high-yielding consumer quality, safety and performance requirements of the product, which is one of the points of high-end brands will be focusing on. For middle-class economic alternative Cock wire economy, will drive consumer demand for high quality from cheap low-quality to the expensive transition. With respect to the price, we pay more attention to the value of the middle class, especially the aesthetic style, as well as bring lifestyle upgrades spiritual needs. Therefore, the high-end brands must seize the consumption needs of this part of the consumer in order to provide advanced services to this part of the people.
  Applicability become the focal point
  According to the survey, three factors when consumers buy high-end appliances priorities are product quality, intelligence and technical content, the latter two constitute the high-end products unique buying criteria. Standing on the "Internet +" of the air, more and more household appliances fitted with computer chips and communications chips, transformed into a "smart home", "Internet of Things" has moved from concept to mass production. But the smart home era has been unable to come embarrassing situation also caused major appliance business thinking, in fact, is worth noting that the major high-end brands in the development of intelligent home products while taking practicality product features.
  Practicality is very important, whether it is ground gas appliances, is relatively light luxury high-end appliances need to take into account the usefulness of this feature. Consumers will buy a home product is a fancy characteristics of the product, but in the long pendulum at home when the display product is definitely not favored by consumers. So we can meet the high-end consumer-grade intelligent, and able to do in the field of application performance, which also will be done to maximize the value of the product.
  Written in the last: In today's age of consumerism, high-end brands want to hit consumer excitement still have to consider the quality, user needs and usability three points, of course, there may be other factors that have corresponding grasp. With the change in consumer attitudes, turning high-end consumer groups will be more and more high-end brands will usher in a new era.


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