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Chinese home appliance Internet development strategy to help the development of intelligent Opening

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  And Technology News March 9, 2016, China's home appliance and consumer electronics Fair ( "AWE2016") opened today. As one of the world's three major home appliance and consumer electronics show, the current AWE theme of "Internet + my home", "Internet +" optimized and integrated in the appliance industry as a highlight, more than 600 household appliances and spare parts the manufacturers are participating.
  Chinese home appliance Internet development strategy forum is one of the important activities supporting China's home appliance and consumer electronics fair (AWE2016). March 10, China's home appliance Internet Development Strategy Forum (hereinafter referred to as the Forum) was held in Shanghai. The forum theme of "intelligent and innovative solutions to help accelerate", the participants machine manufacturers, smart appliance solutions, relevant agencies, government departments around the development trend of smart appliances, smart appliances solutions on how to better integrate into the appliance product development, design, production processes and other issues to discuss.
  Chen Gang, deputy secretary general of China Household Electrical Appliances Association speech at the forum, said, "In things driven intelligence is the development trend of the traditional home appliance industry has been basically formed a consensus in the industry. It is widely believed that the first is a technological intelligence change, and this change is bound to set off a wave of a huge space for development and business prospects. so we see that with the changing environment for enterprise development and customer needs, a large number of outstanding domestic brands rapid rise of smart home .2016 years, we look forward to the appliance industry to actively promote the supply side reforms and strive to innovation-driven transformation of the new style. "
  Friedemann Stoeckle White, general manager of GfK Global on the forum to accelerate the development of smart appliances, fully connected to the evolution of the ecosystem as the theme of the speech. He said: "As a new smart home industry is at a critical point of import and the growth stage of business development with the changing environment and customer needs, a large number of outstanding domestic brands rapid rise of China smart home smart home market. still very small, but the rapid growth in the past year, the terminal device plays a rapid development in intelligent functions, while the overall smart home applications and bottlenecks facing great challenges. smart connection only stand-alone smart, intelligent application development home has just begun. relatively closed system among enterprises, the future will be through the extension of the product, consumer demand gradually clear, and the Internet intervention, such as third-party companies, ushered in the smart home applications in the true sense the formation and development in the evolution of intelligent home appliances, household electrical appliance enterprises to promote non-traditional ecosystem landing of an active force. at the same time, other forces will push forward the market that consumers are intelligent application results clearer, more specific demands of each one of these technologies should at least have a clear application of the results, or more energy efficient, or more comfortable, or to bring more security in the smart market, which will become the thrust reverser open a closed system a powerful force. "
  Forum, the United States Institute of wisdom home product strategy Xue Guodong Group Operations Director made a keynote speech entitled Wiser Home trends prospects. Xue Guodong wisdom home development is divided into four phases. The first stage of phase 1.0, but networked appliances, remote control. 2.0 stage, after the appliance networking, for more networking equipment, system integration and ecology in the formation stage. Wiser Home 3.0 is that the US has been thought of as a large-scale appliance manufacturers, the United States is easy to implement a full set of network appliances, 2016 United States of its networking appliances will reach 30 million units. However, to achieve an intelligent, smart system set up after the success of the entire system, how you can bring value to the business? The United States is actively exploring. About Smart home to create a better life, many companies have a vision, it would be 4.0 stage, the future of the wisdom of home appliances, is definitely not a simple, intelligent, must be high-end intelligent, is a device with a high degree of artificial intelligence, sensor-based portfolio, based on its own artificial recognition algorithms, and analyze large amounts of big data, which consists of equipment, rather than simply providing appliance functionality and networking equipment. 4.0 Towards smart home era, Xue Guodong said the United States will be in the industrial upgrading, product development, change of thinking, business model change four aspects continue to make breakthroughs.


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