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The first Chinese home appliance Shunde procurement section opening

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  Shunde Guangzhou Daily News (reporter Chen Xu thick, Wang Peng) yesterday, the first Chinese home appliance procurement section of the opening in Shunde, in Shunde city Beijiao HC appliances opened. As the next line of Asia's largest online wholesale trading platform, opening the first day of the total transaction amount up to 2.7 billion. The event time will continue until March 31. Throughout the procurement section, is expected to attract professional buyers purchase 100,000 passengers arrived at the scene, the country attracted 300,000 buyers purchasing online.
  3 to 5 years made one hundred billion trading platform
  Nearly 700 businesses online and offline synchronization settled, there are over 10 million lines of tradable goods, real-time payment platform trading transactions ...... According to HC appliances electricity supplier Holdings CEO Songbing Chen introduction, HC Appliance City set "Home Network, Consumer Electronics Show, City, home appliances, home appliances trading platform "in one, committed to creating a comprehensive platform O2O home appliance industry. Yesterday opened the first day of the Appliance City alone, about 25,000 people into the buyers, the total turnover of up to 270 million yuan. Songbing Chen said that by three to five years of operation, the cumulative turnover Appliance City line is expected to more than 100 billion yuan.
  Channel innovation to promote industrial upgrading
  The introduction of HC appliances Shunde City project, in addition to the internet can bring Shunde household electrical appliance industry people, household electrical appliance enterprises to expand sales channels, more importantly, to promote the transformation and upgrading of the entire appliance industry.
  In this regard, Chinese electrical appliances Business Association Peng Baoquan said that at present, the national electricity supplier appliance industry grew very quickly, there is a 50% increase last year, but down the line was a downward trend, "HC Appliance City is expected to further open up the home appliance industry online circulation, lower household electrical appliance enterprises to promote online and offline integration and development. "
  Foshan Municipal Committee, Party Secretary of Shunde District Bangmin said that the future of the industry in Shunde to explore innovative marketing channels through HC appliance city. Meanwhile, the government also innovative management methods, explore new business relations, in order to better serve the business.


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